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Machine Tools
Production and assembly lines, we provide technical-commercial assistance from pre-study to installation.

What we do

80 years of experience in technical sales management for the customer, both for large industrial groups and for SMEs. We select the leading companies in the supply and manufacture of machinery and production systems to offer the widest range of technologically advanced products in compliance with budget constraints. We operate in all sectors of industrial production from automotive, components, aeronautics to general mechanics. We study totally customized solutions that can provide from the single machine to the large integrated system, mainly with "turnkey" solutions. Solutions include: Mechanical Machining - Handling and Automation - Robotic Cells - Surface Treatments - Sheet Metal Forming Industry - Plating - Assembly Lines - Testing and Quality Controls - Washing. Our service starts from the feasibility studies of the initiative and does not stop at the sales phase but continues with the development phase of the project up to the commissioning and organization of the after-test assistance.

A long journey

SIRMEN, 80 years of activity and four generations involved.