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Industrial HMI
Intuitive interfaces for human-machine interaction, even with the use of augmented and virtual reality to simplify remote maintenance and training.

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In the process related to the digitization of companies, human-machine interfaces (HMI) are the point of contact where concepts of usability and accessibility are of primary importance to ensure a typically user-friendly use of the machine itself for each type of subject. This often establishes the commercial success, as happened for personal computers, or greater efficiency as is happening in the industrial field. Together with its partners, SIRMEN actively collaborates in the development of an innovative Industrial User Experience (IUX) in the manufacturing sector.

An interface is human if it responds to human needs and considers human frailties.

Jef Raskin, Author "The Humane Interface"

Advanced Hmi

Advanced HMI: Mixed Reality models in Industrial contexts. Thanks to the use of increasingly available and usable technologies, work environments become shared, dynamic and more secure through simple and intuitive ways of communicating data and information.


ENHANCERS is the partner that SIRMEN has chosen to change the paradigm of the industrial world. Thanks to innovative technological skills and design it is able to offer a competitive advantage to its customers with custom solutions capable of proposing alternative business models through the digital tool.

Federico Mombelli

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