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Sworn Appraisals
SIRMEN and IRIS ensure the certainty of a correct contextualization of the appraised asset within the Corporate 4.0 regulation from the Assessment phases.

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The appraisal is sworn in front of a court clerk. The certificate of conformity is accompanied by a technical analysis in compliance with the law 232 of 11.12.2016 and the circular 4\E of 30.03.2017 issued by the MISE and the Revenue Agency. In the event of clarifications from the Revenue Agency, SIRMEN & IRIS includes in its service the expert advice for the entire period of amortization and ascertainment of the asset. Insurance coverage is also available, which is offered to customers at the beginning of the activity.

“Sirmen’s service has been very positive in all the contractual phases, well-prepared people, with a remarkable cordiality and professionalism.”.

Dario Enrico Sartor, SA.TE Owner


In 2017, SIRMEN & IRIS made appraisals on assets for a value of more than € 83 million.

Dott. Enrico Magnani

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