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SIRMEN supports customers in the Revamping activities of production machinery with a view to 4.0.

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Thanks to the experience of its team 4.0, SIRMEN is able to follow its customers who would like to access the incentives provided by the Budget Law, in the Revamping activities of their machinery. Through retrofit activities and hardware and software integrations, the asset can be brought to a 150% amortization. Infact, functional devices for the technological and/or digital transformation of companies in 4.0 are those devices, instrumentation and intelligent components for integration, sensorisation and/or interconnection and automatic control of the processes also used in the modernization or revamping of existing production systems.

“Costs related to an update of an asset in the case of revamping and\or modernization can claim the benefit”

Ministry of Economic Development , Budget Law 2018


The goal is to extend the life cycle of the machine and, where possible, improve its performances.

Dott. Emanuele Neirotti

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