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Virtual Reality
Immersive simulation of industrial scenarios for production, installation, maintenance and training.

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Virtual reality is a means of management for the resolution of processes that can occur within production environments by simulating conditions and parameters in advance in an independent manner. Virtual reality solutions simulate any possible or likely scenario giving the possibility to perform predictive analysis (DIGITAL TWIN). 3D solutions can help to solve problems in advance, (re) create environments with photorealistic quality, explore situations and find solutions before the event occurs. Our main experience in the sector concerns the areas of production, installation operations, maintenance and training.

“Production is becoming less about muscles and more about brains.”

Greg Kinsey, VP, Hitachi Insight Group


In a Virtual Reality application, users can replicate real-world actions, simulating the operation of equipment and processes up to chemical and physical reactions. Photorealistic 3D virtual reproduction of industrial environments, atmospheric conditions and gestures, allows the user a faithful navigation of the simulated environment, making functional interaction possible.

Alessandro Catanzariti

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