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"Sprint" is a method for solving a problem in 5 days, through design, prototyping and validation of ideas.

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It is called the sprint method not by chance, because it is a process that focuses on efficiency, speed and simplicity of application. It was conceived by Jake Knapp, Design Partner of Google Venture, and was designed to help startups (and in general any work team) to define the problem they want to solve and to test the proposed solution in 5 working days: from Monday to Friday. A five-step method, in line with the Eric Ries Lean method, helps to optimize time and resources, to sift through a large number of ideas and quickly identify which ones is the better. It can be applied to find the answer to various questions related to the creation of efficiency in industrial production processes through coding and measurable methods.

“The biggest challenge for a company is to choose always the right questions for the development of the business. The workshop methodology facilitates this decision.”

Alessandro Catanzariti, Key Account Enhancers

How it works

The process behind the Design Sprint provides a series of iterations through participated sessions with the client in which to define a solution through the design of the process.


The goal is the definition of a validated prototype at the end of the Design process, which can be put into production passing from a concept phase to a product phase in a very short time.

Alessandro Catanzariti

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